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Homing an Entertainment


As for a cage for your bird. Room is the best thing I can suggest to you. The more time that your bird spends in the cage. The more room you want to have for them. And toys to amuse your bird are very important. I like may cages living area to be around 30"x18"x30" But hey we can't all afford or even find the cage exactly how we want. We just do the best that we can.

Brooding Box Temperatures

Babies between two and a half, to three weeks of age, may be kept in an environment between 92 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit/33 and 34.5 degrees Celsius. Gradually reducing the heat over time as the babies continue to feather, until reaching 86 degrees. At five to six weeks of age, move the babies into a cage so they may learn how to eat and perch, however returning them to the heated brooder at night to sleep. The babies will require another two or three weeks to wean and become completely self-sufficient. Gradually reducing the heat further over time, until they are weaned and sleeping comfortably on their own, and can remain full time in their new cage.


Entertainment is a must and is very important to the livelihood of your bird. Items needed are toys, things to chew on, and time out of the cage to fly around and interact with you.

There are a lot of toys offered for birds. However I like to work with toys that do not have dyes in them. But it is not always possible to do that. It really comes down to you doing the research to see what toys that have dyes in them are safe for your bird.

When introducing a new toy. Sometimes you bird will reject it. Don't feel down hearted. Play with the toy for a few days while your bird watch's you. They will come around.

The following are just pictures that my birds have enjoyed in the past. But again the list is unlimited.


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