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Located in the Cabot area

Caique White Bellied Breeding Team One

Johnny and June


01 ECA WBC AR 20 050120 White Bellied Caique DNA Female
02 ECA WBC AR 20 050320 White Bellied Caique DNA Male

03 ECA WBC AR 20 102320 White Bellied Caique
04 ECA WBC AR 20 102720 White Bellied Caique
0 ECA WBC AR 20 110220 White Bellied Caique

Pricing Guide

Hand Fed Babies are $1850 plus the starter package fee of $20.

A $30 fee to have the babies DNA tested

A $60 fee for a Veterinarian Health Check Certificate

Shipping offered through Delta Cargo with my crate for $180

Delta Cargo

Delta Cargo requires that a health certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within ten (10) days of departure unless you are shipping from a Pet store or a Zoo to a Pet Store or Zoo. It is $60 per bird.

Payments to be made with Money Orders or Cashier checks from a Bank or the US Postal service. Payment must be made prior to the birds being shipped.

Above stated Prices subject to change with out notice. However buyer will be informed prior to shipping of any price changes.