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Clipping your bird's wings

Version One is the flightless clip. It stops the bird from flying at all. The bird is easier for you to catch and train. It doesn't allow the bird to escape from you as easily. However the downside to a flightless clip is the bird goes straight down and hits the surface hard. Your bird could be in somewhat of a panic when it hits hard. If it hits a hard surface you run the risk of breaking bones. And while this may not happen every time It does happen all too often. This could cause an issue in the trust factor and actually take longer to pick up your bird from lack of trust and fear. I have added a image of a FLIGHTLESS CLIP just below

Version Two Version Two is the clip or trim that I like to use and is sometimes called the Vanity clip.The advantage to a Vanity clip is the bird has limited flight. And as a rule your bird flies down or level but is unable to gain lift. Making a landing rather than a crash. you can still catch and train your bird. Just a little more effort. But the rewards are greater. As the bird gains trust from you for asking it to step up and then taking it back to where it started. The disadvantages to the vanity clip are two fold. Smaller birds can usually still get lift and fly to some extent. And as just a few feathers grow in they are able to get enough lift to fly.

Ok now we have talked about the two styles of clipping a bird's wings. Maybe you even watched some YouTubes. And you are thinking I can do this. Think long and hard before you try to clip a bird yourself. It seems easy enough. However there are things that can go wrong. Clipping too much of the feather off can cause the remaining feather to bleed. And if it is the wrong feather like a Pin Feather it can be very hard to stop it from bleeding or maybe not be able to stop it at all as in the case of a blood feather. And then there is clipping close to the actual wing. This could stop the new feathers from coming in right. Yes it can and has happened to some of the best of us. It's your bird and your friend and he/she has come to trust you. Maybe if you have never clipped a bird's feathers before or you have and it didn't go as planned. Just maybe it would be best to visit a local vet that WORKS WITH BIRDS, and have them do it and watch. You might be surprised just by what you will learn. It may even save your bird's life. Just my suggestion to you. One bird lover to another.

Blood feathers, also called "pin feathers," are new feathers that are starting to grow. Since they are actively growing, they need a large blood supply and will bleed if broken, hence the name. Each blood feather grows from a special area in the skin called a follicle. Sometimes these can be next to impossible to stop bleeding.


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